Peter Ellefson

This area is dedicated to my thoughts on teaching and various subjects related to my pedagogy. I have a very enjoyable, fulfilling job teaching young musicians---one that is both rewarding and at times challenging. Please refer to my BLOG for discussions on common deficiencies I have encountered during my teaching career and ways I have found to help correct these deficiencies. I look forward to sharing this information.

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Ellefson entry from recently published book:
“Brass Players Cookbook”

Ellefson Warm Up Number One

Ellefson Warm Up Number Two

Ellefson Warm Up Number Three

Ellefson Scale Pyramid

Ellefson Key Study 2008

Ellefson Key Study 2012

Ellefson Improvement Umbrella

Ellefson ITA "Ride of the Valkyries" Article (2002)

Ellefson ITA “Bruckner Thoughts” Article (2008)

Ellefson Masterclass Handout

Ellefson 2014 IU Lesson Syllabus

Ellefson F-419/519 Orchestral Repertoire Syllabus- Fall 2013

Ellefson IU Studio - Fall 2014

Ellefson Chop Video (original)

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